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What does Coronado Global Resources do?
Coronado Global Resources (ASX:CRN) is an international producer of high-quality metallurgical coal (met coal), which is an essential element in the production of steel. The company's operations are located in Queensland, Australia and in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia in the United States. Coronado's operations are focused on producing and selling high-quality met coal to customers around the world. The company has a number of mines and development projects, which provide it with a diversified and sustainable production base.
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Where is the head office for Coronado Global Resources?

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Queensland, Australia

What year was Coronado Global Resources founded?

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What does Coronado Global Resources specialise in?
/Coal /Mining /Resources /Steel /Coking coal /Exploration /Production

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Overview of Coronado Global Resources offerings
Curragh Mine: One of the world's lowest-cost met coal mines, located in Queensland, Australia.
Mavis Mine: A new met coal mine under development in Queensland, Australia.
Metcoal: A high-quality coal used to produce steel.
Hard coking coal: A type of met coal used to produce coke, which is a key ingredient in steelmaking.
Semi-soft coking coal: A type of met coal used to produce coke and other products, such as blast furnace injection coal.
Thermal coal: A type of coal used to generate electricity.

Who is in the executive team of Coronado Global Resources?

Coronado Global Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Garold R. Spindler
    Mr. Garold R. Spindler
    Executive Chair
  • Mr. Douglas Graham Thompson
    Mr. Douglas Graham Thompson
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Gerhard  Ziems
    Mr. Gerhard Ziems
    Group CFO and Head of Marketing & Strategy
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Bitzer
    Mr. Jeffrey D. Bitzer
    Group Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Christopher Paul Meyering J.D.
    Mr. Christopher Paul Meyering J.D.
    VP & Chief Legal Officer
  • Andrew  Mooney
    Andrew Mooney
    VP of Investor Relations, Treasury & Business Development & Communications
  • Ms. Susan Jane Casey ACIS, BA, GradDip, LLB
    Ms. Susan Jane Casey ACIS, BA, GradDip, LLB
    Group Company Secretary & Director of Corporate Compliance
  • Ms. Emma  Pollard
    Ms. Emma Pollard
    Chief People & Sustainability Officer