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What does The Cooper Companies do?
The Cooper Companies (NASDAQ:COO) specializes in global medical device provision, focusing primarily on eye care and women's health. Through its main business units, CooperVision and CooperSurgical, the company works on developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of products that cater to contact lens wearers and offer healthcare solutions in fertility and women's health. The Cooper Companies is dedicated to improving the quality of life, with a keen aim to pioneer healthcare advancements through innovation, education, and global outreach. Its objectives revolve around expanding its market presence, enhancing product offerings, and continuous improvement of patient care worldwide.
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What sector is The Cooper Companies in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for The Cooper Companies ?

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California, United States

What year was The Cooper Companies founded?

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What does The Cooper Companies specialise in?
/Contact Lenses /Medical Devices /Women's Health /Fertility Solutions /Diagnostic Products /Vision Care

What are the products and/or services of The Cooper Companies ?

Overview of The Cooper Companies offerings
Contact lenses, offering a wide range of innovative, high-quality lenses for daily and monthly wear.
Surgical products, including a variety of medical devices and solutions for ophthalmic surgery.
Fertility and genomic solutions, providing advanced tools and technologies for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and genetic analysis.
Eye care products, offering solutions for eye health, including cleaners and solutions for contact lens care.
Diagnostic products and services, aimed at eye health professionals for assessing ocular health and prescribing treatments.
Customized lenses, offering specialized lenses tailored to individual prescription needs and preferences.

Who is in the executive team of The Cooper Companies ?

The Cooper Companies leadership team
  • Mr. Albert G. White III
    Mr. Albert G. White III
    President, CEO & Non-Independent Director
  • Mr. Brian G. Andrews
    Mr. Brian G. Andrews
    Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Daniel G. McBride Esq.
    Mr. Daniel G. McBride Esq.
    Executive VP & COO
  • Ms. Holly R. Sheffield
    Ms. Holly R. Sheffield
    President of CooperSurgical, Inc.
  • Mr. Gerard H. Warner III
    Mr. Gerard H. Warner III
    President of CooperVision, Inc.
  • Mr. Agostino  Ricupati
    Mr. Agostino Ricupati
    Senior VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Kim  Duncan
    Mr. Kim Duncan
    Vice President of Investor Relations & Risk Management
  • Mr. Nicholas S. Khadder
    Mr. Nicholas S. Khadder
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary