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What does Conrad Asia Energy do?
Conrad Asia Energy (ASX:CRD) is an Australian-based natural gas exploration and production company with a focus on the shallow waters offshore Indonesia. The company's flagship asset is the Mako Gas Field, which is one of the largest undeveloped gas discoveries in the West Natuna Sea with key under-utilised infrastructure in place. Conrad Asia Energy's operations are focused on the exploration and development of natural gas assets in Indonesia. The company has a team of experienced and skilled geologists and engineers who are able to identify and develop high-quality gas prospects.
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Singapore, Singapore

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/Oil /Gas /Energy /Indonesia /Resources

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Overview of Conrad Asia Energy offerings
Developing natural gas projects in Indonesia's offshore waters.
Holding a 76.5% working interest in the Duyung PSC, which contains the Mako Gas Field, one of the largest undeveloped gas fields in Indonesia.
Pioneering innovative low-cost field development techniques to unlock the value of its gas assets.
Pursuing exploration opportunities in Indonesia's prolific West Natuna Basin.
Committed to environmental sustainability and implementing best practices to minimize environmental impact.
Engaging with local communities and supporting sustainable development initiatives.

Who is in the executive team of Conrad Asia Energy?

Conrad Asia Energy leadership team
  • Mr. Miltiadis  Xynogalas
    Mr. Miltiadis Xynogalas
    Founder, MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. David Antony  Johnson
    Mr. David Antony Johnson
    Executive Director & COO
  • Mr. Diego  Fettweis M.B.A.
    Mr. Diego Fettweis M.B.A.
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Ms. Patricia  Lee
    Ms. Patricia Lee
    Head of Finance
  • Ms. Yuik-Neen  Ting
    Ms. Yuik-Neen Ting
    General Counsel
  • Egbert  Siagian
    Egbert Siagian
    Support Services & Legal Manager
  • Regine  Lai
    Regine Lai
    Company Secretary