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Cokal (ASX:CKA) is a coal company focused on high-margin metallurgical coal.. Cokal's growth strategy hinges on swiftly developing key tenements and acquiring high-quality assets. By prioritising positive decision-making, stakeholder respect, ethical business practices, innovative solutions, and results-oriented execution, Cokal aims to become a leading global metallurgical coal business.
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Where is the head office for Cokal?

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New South Wales, Australia

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What does Cokal specialise in?
/Coal /Coking coal /Metallurgical /Indonesia /Resources /Mining

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Overview of Cokal offerings
Exploration and development of the Cokal Metallurgical Coal Project in Indonesia: The Cokal Metallurgical Coal Project is a high-quality metallurgical coal deposit. The company is focused on developing this project into a high-quality metallurgical coal producer.
Production of high-quality metallurgical coal products: Cokal plans to produce high-quality metallurgical coal products that meet the needs of global steelmakers. The company is committed to developing a sustainable coal supply chain.
Commitment to innovation and technology: Cokal is committed to innovation and technology. The company is developing new and innovative ways to mine and process coal in a more sustainable and efficient manner.
Goal of becoming a leading global metallurgical coal producer: Cokal aims to become a leading global metallurgical coal producer, providing a secure and reliable supply of metallurgical coal to the global market.

Who is in the executive team of Cokal?

Cokal leadership team
  • Mr. Karan  Bangur B.Com.
    Mr. Karan Bangur B.Com.
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Andrew  Ichwan CPA
    Mr. Andrew Ichwan CPA
    Head of Finance
  • Mr. Loke Cherng Huei
    Mr. Loke Cherng Huei
    Operation Director
  • Mr. Luki  Wilianto
    Mr. Luki Wilianto
    Geology Manager
  • Mr. Andri  Ferdinand
    Mr. Andri Ferdinand
    Chief Surveyor
  • Pak  Sukardi
    Pak Sukardi
    President Director of BBM
  • Ms. Louisa Anne Martino B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA, SA Fin
    Ms. Louisa Anne Martino B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA, SA Fin
    Joint Company Secretary
  • Ms. Yuan  Yuan
    Ms. Yuan Yuan
    Joint Company Secretary