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Coda Octopus Group (NASDAQ:CODA) specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative marine technology solutions, including the patented real-time 3D sonar products, known as Echoscope®, along with advanced underwater imaging and mapping software. With a focus on enhancing the safety and efficiency of underwater operations, Coda Octopus serves a global clientele across commercial, defense, and research sectors. The company's projects span from port security and infrastructure inspection to marine construction and seabed mapping, aiming to address the complex challenges faced in the subsea environment. Coda Octopus is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of underwater technology to meet the evolving needs of its customers, with ongoing research and development projects aimed at expanding its product offerings and improving the utility of underwater vision and automation technologies.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Coda Octopus Group?

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Orlando, United States

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What does Coda Octopus Group specialise in?
/Marine Technology /Underwater Imaging /Real-time 3D /Survey Services /Defense Solutions /Geophysical Products

What are the products and/or services of Coda Octopus Group?

Overview of Coda Octopus Group offerings
Echoscope real-time 3D sonar systems provide high-definition underwater imaging for subsea construction, inspections, and visualization.
Motion sensing products including F180 series, deliver precise positioning and orientation for marine, subsea, and land applications.
Survey Engine software suite offers powerful tools for seabed survey data acquisition, processing, and analysis, streamlining operations for marine professionals.
CodaOctopus Thermite® Supercomputers are rugged, high-performance computing systems designed for complex data processing tasks in challenging environments.

Who is in the executive team of Coda Octopus Group?

Coda Octopus Group leadership team
  • Ms. Annmarie  Gayle LL.B, LLM
    Ms. Annmarie Gayle LL.B, LLM
    CEO & Chairman
  • Ms. Gayle  Jardine
    Ms. Gayle Jardine
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Blair  Cunningham
    Mr. Blair Cunningham
    President of Technology