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Cobram Estate Olives (ASX:CBO) is a leading Australian producer and marketer of premium quality olive oil products. The company has olive groves and milling operations in Australia and the United States, and a portfolio of brands including Cobram Estate and Red Island. Cobram Estate's objective is to be the leading global provider of premium olive oil products. Cobram Estate Olives' operations are focused on the production and sale of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The company has a team of experienced agronomists and olive oil experts who work to ensure that its olive groves are managed sustainably and that its olive oil is produced to the highest standards. Cobram Estate Olives also has a strong focus on innovation and is constantly developing new olive oil products and technologies.
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Victoria, Australia

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/Agriculture /Farming /Olives /Horticulture /Grocery

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Overview of Cobram Estate offerings
Olive oil production: Cobram Estate is a leading producer of olive oil in Australia. The company's olive oil is produced from its own olive groves, which are located in the Cobram region of Victoria. Cobram Estate offers a wide range of olive oils, including extra virgin olive oil, infused olive oil, and flavoured olive oil.
Table olive production: Cobram Estate is also a leading producer of table olives in Australia. The company's table olives are produced from its own olive groves and are available in a variety of styles, including Kalamata olives, green olives, and black olives.
Olive oil products: Cobram Estate offers a range of olive oil products, including olive oil mayonnaise, olive oil dressings, and olive oil marinades. These products are made with Cobram Estate's own olive oil and are designed to add flavour and convenience to cooking and meal preparation.
Table olive products: Cobram Estate also offers a range of table olive products, including olive oil tapenades, olive oil pastes, and olive oil spreads. These products are made with Cobram Estate's own table olives and are designed to add flavour and convenience to cooking and meal preparation.
Olive oil tourism: Cobram Estate offers a range of olive oil tourism experiences, including olive grove tours, olive oil tastings, and olive oil cooking classes. These experiences are designed to educate visitors about the olive oil production process and to help them appreciate the quality of Cobram Estate's olive oil.
Olive oil education: Cobram Estate also offers a range of olive oil education programs, including olive oil appreciation courses and olive oil blending workshops. These programs are designed to teach consumers about the different types of olive oil available, how to choose the right olive oil for different dishes, and how to use olive oil to its best effect.

Who is in the executive team of Cobram Estate?

Cobram Estate leadership team
  • Mr. Robert D. McGavin
    Mr. Robert D. McGavin
    Co-Founder & Non-Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Leandro M. Ravetti
    Mr. Leandro M. Ravetti
    Joint-CEO (Technical & Production) and Executive Director
  • Mr. Samuel J. Beaton
    Mr. Samuel J. Beaton
    Joint-CEO (Finance & Commercial) and Executive Director
  • Mr. Paul Charles Riordan
    Mr. Paul Charles Riordan
  • Mr. Russell  Dmytrenko
    Mr. Russell Dmytrenko
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Conor  Churchin
    Conor Churchin
    Chief Operations Officer of USA
  • Mr. Trenton  Gallagher
    Mr. Trenton Gallagher
    Chief Financial Officer of USA Operation