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What does CLPS do?
CLPS (NASDAQ:CLPS) specializes in information technology services and solutions with a strong focus on the finance, insurance, and banking sectors. Its operations span globally, providing critical IT support, including consulting services, IT outsourcing, and solution integration. The company aims to facilitate seamless digital transitions for businesses, enhancing their operational efficiency and fostering innovation. CLPS is committed to leveraging its technical expertise and industry insights to propel its clients towards achieving their digital transformation goals, with a keen eye on emerging technologies and market demands to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.
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What sector is CLPS in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for CLPS?

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Head Office
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What year was CLPS founded?

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Year Founded
What does CLPS specialise in?
/IT Services /Financial Technology /Global Expansion /Digital Transformation /Application Development /Consulting Services

What are the products and/or services of CLPS?

Overview of CLPS offerings
IT Consulting Services - Providing expert advice to enhance information technology systems and business processes.
Banking and Financial Services - Specializing in digital banking solutions, payment systems, and risk management.
Cloud Computing Services - Offering cloud infrastructure services, cloud application development, and cloud management.
Data Analytics Services - Delivering data analysis, business intelligence solutions, and big data services.
Artificial Intelligence Development - Creating AI and machine learning models for various industries.
E-commerce Solutions - Building comprehensive e-commerce platforms, including website design, online payment, and mobile applications.

Who is in the executive team of CLPS?

CLPS leadership team
  • Mr. Ming Hui  Lin
    Mr. Ming Hui Lin
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Rui  Yang
    Ms. Rui Yang
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Li  Li
    Mr. Li Li
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Rhon  Galicha
    Rhon Galicha
    Investor Relations Officer
  • Mr. Srustijeet  Mishra
    Mr. Srustijeet Mishra
    Chief Executive Officer - CLPS SEA & USA