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What does ClimateRock Unit do?
ClimateRock Unit (NASDAQ:CLRC) focuses on innovative solutions to tackle climate change, emphasizing renewable energy projects and carbon footprint reduction strategies. The company operates across various geographies, aiming to transition the world toward a more sustainable future through research, development, and deployment of eco-friendly technologies. ClimateRock Unit's primary objectives include reducing global emissions, supporting energy-efficient infrastructures, and promoting sustainable practices among communities and industries. Through partnerships and collaborations, the company seeks to amplify its impact, driving progress towards its ambitious environmental goals.
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Where is the head office for ClimateRock Unit?

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London, United Kingdom

What year was ClimateRock Unit founded?

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What does ClimateRock Unit specialise in?
/Climate Solutions /Carbon Mitigation /Renewable Energy /Sustainable Projects /Green Finance /Environmental Consultancy

What are the products and/or services of ClimateRock Unit?

Overview of ClimateRock Unit offerings
Renewable energy generation focuses on solar and wind power to reduce fossil fuel dependency.
Electric vehicle infrastructure development, including charging stations to promote sustainable transportation.
Carbon capture and storage technology aimed at reducing industrial carbon emissions.
Sustainable agriculture practices, implementing technology to reduce water and chemical use.
Green building consulting, offering solutions for energy-efficient and eco-friendly construction.
Climate change advocacy and education programs, raising awareness and promoting policy changes.

Who is in the executive team of ClimateRock Unit?

ClimateRock Unit leadership team
  • Mr. Charles  Ratelband V
    Mr. Charles Ratelband V
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Per  Regnarsson
    Mr. Per Regnarsson
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Abhishek  Bawa
    Mr. Abhishek Bawa
    Chief Financial Officer