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What does ClearSign Combustion do?
ClearSign Combustion (NASDAQ:CLIR) specializes in developing technologies aimed at improving the efficiency and environmental performance of combustion systems. Their approach focuses on reducing emissions across various industries, including energy, petrochemical, and industrial applications. Through pioneering projects, ClearSign offers solutions like their ClearSign Core and ClearSign Eye technologies, designed to enhance operational visibility and control for combustion systems. The main objective is to provide cleaner, more efficient combustion processes, aligning with global environmental standards and contributing to a sustainable future. Investing in research and development plays a crucial role in their mission to revolutionize the way industries tackle emission challenges and energy consumption.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for ClearSign Combustion ?

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Seattle, United States

What year was ClearSign Combustion founded?

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What does ClearSign Combustion specialise in?
/Emission Control /Industrial Combustion /Boiler Solutions /Advanced Technology /Pollution Reduction /Energy Efficiency

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Overview of ClearSign Combustion offerings
Developing and commercializing ClearSign Core technology, offering superior flame pattern and reduced emissions for industrial combustion processes.
Introduction of ClearSign Eye flame sensor system for real-time monitoring of combustion efficiency.
Advancement of Duplex technology to enhance heater operation and mitigate NOx formation.
Launching ClearSign Burner technology aimed at improving burner efficiency and reducing pollutants.
Expanding into international markets with eco-friendly combustion solutions to meet global environmental standards.
Collaboration with partners for the integration and optimization of advanced combustion technologies in existing industrial setups.

Who is in the executive team of ClearSign Combustion ?

ClearSign Combustion leadership team
  • Dr. Colin James Deller Ph.D.
    Dr. Colin James Deller Ph.D.
    CEO, President, Corporate Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Brent  Hinds
    Mr. Brent Hinds
    CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Matthew  Martin
    Mr. Matthew Martin
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Louis  Basenese
    Louis Basenese
    Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • Mr. Stephen Michael Sock
    Mr. Stephen Michael Sock
    Senior Vice President of Business Development