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What does Clean Earth Acquisitions do?
Alternus Clean Energy (NASDAQ:ALCE) is a renewable energy company focused on developing and acquiring clean energy projects across North America. They target solar, wind, and battery storage solutions to generate clean electricity. ALCE isn't currently operational itself and doesn't produce its own energy yet. Their strategy involves acquiring existing clean energy projects or developing new ones from the ground up. Once operational, these projects would generate electricity that could be sold to utilities or directly to consumers. The company's focus on renewable energy positions it to benefit from the growing demand for clean and sustainable power.
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Where is the head office for Clean Earth Acquisitions ?

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Fort Mill, United States

What year was Clean Earth Acquisitions founded?

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What does Clean Earth Acquisitions specialise in?
/Sustainable Investments /Clean Technologies /Environmental Projects /Transition Financing /Green Infrastructure /Renewable Energy

What are the products and/or services of Clean Earth Acquisitions ?

Overview of Clean Earth Acquisitions offerings
Project Acquisition: Identifying and acquiring existing operational or under-development clean energy projects, primarily focused on solar, wind, and battery storage solutions.
Project Development: For greenfield ( undeveloped) sites, Alternus would oversee the planning, permitting, and construction of new clean energy generation facilities.
Project Ownership & Management: Once operational, Alternus would manage and maintain the clean energy projects to ensure efficient electricity generation.
Power Generation: Through their owned projects, Alternus would generate clean electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind.
Power Sales: The electricity generated could be sold to utilities via power purchase agreements or potentially directly to consumers in deregulated markets.
Advocacy: Alternus, by developing clean energy sources, indirectly contributes to a larger movement for clean energy adoption and sustainability.

Who is in the executive team of Clean Earth Acquisitions ?

Clean Earth Acquisitions leadership team
  • Mr. Vincent  Browne
    Mr. Vincent Browne
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Joseph E. Duey
    Mr. Joseph E. Duey
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Gary  Swan
    Mr. Gary Swan
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Mr. Larry  Farrell
    Mr. Larry Farrell
    Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Taliesin  Durant
    Ms. Taliesin Durant
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Ms. Gita  Shah
    Ms. Gita Shah
    Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Mr. David  Farrell
    Mr. David Farrell
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mr. Bill  Sadlier
    Mr. Bill Sadlier
    Chief Executive Officer of Development Business - Altnua