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Chromia (CRYPTO:CHR) is a relational blockchain platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly. Chromia is unique in that it uses a relational database model, which makes it easier for developers to build complex dApps. Chromia is home to a number of successful dApps, including the My Neighbor Alice virtual world, the Mines of Dalarnia play-to-earn game, and the Chromia Vault digital wallet. Chromia's objective is to make blockchain technology more accessible to developers and users. Chromia wants to make it easier for developers to build complex dApps and for users to interact with dApps in a secure and user-friendly way.
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/BNB Chain /Chromia Ecosystem /Collectibles & NFTs /DeFi /Enterprise Solutions /Ethereum Ecosystem /Gaming /Layer 1 /Metaverse /Platform /Real World Assets /Web3

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Overview of Chromia offerings
Chromunity: A fully decentralized social media platform built on Chromia.
Green Assets Wallet: The first enterprise decentralized app on Chromia, designed for green bond validation and impact reporting.
Hedget: A decentralized options platform that uses Chromia to make trading faster and cheaper.
LAC PropertyChain: A land administration initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean that uses Chromia to facilitate property transactions.
Lingon: A platform for issuing and managing digital certificates on the blockchain.

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Arrington XRP Capital
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Arrington XRP Capital
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Arrington XRP Capital
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Arrington XRP Capital