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What does Check Cap do?
Check Cap (NASDAQ:CHEK) is an innovative medical diagnostics company focusing on the development and commercialization of C-Scan®, its pioneering technology intended for screening and detecting polyps before they potentially develop into colorectal cancer. This non-invasive, preparation-free capsule aims to improve the effectiveness and comfort of colorectal cancer screening methods. With an emphasis on research and development, Check Cap is committed to enhancing early cancer detection rates, which could significantly reduce treatment costs and increase survival rates. The company's objective revolves around making C-Scan® accessible on a global scale, aiming to set a new standard in colorectal cancer screening practices.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Check Cap?

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Isfiya, Israel

What year was Check Cap founded?

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What does Check Cap specialise in?
/C-Scan System /Colorectal Screening /Non-invasive Technology /Medical Imaging /Capsule Endoscopy /Clinical Development

What are the products and/or services of Check Cap?

Overview of Check Cap offerings
C-Scan, an ingestible capsule for colorectal cancer screening that's non-invasive and requires no bowel preparation.
Research and development focused on expanding applications of the C-Scan technology for broader gastrointestinal tract imaging.
Partnership programs aimed at distribution and co-development of the C-Scan system globally, enhancing accessibility and adoption.
Advanced data analytics services to improve the accuracy and efficiency of C-Scan's diagnostic capabilities, including AI algorithms.
Outreach and education initiatives directed towards healthcare providers to increase the adoption and understanding of their non-invasive screening options.
Continuous improvement and updates to the hardware and software components of their products for better patient experience and outcomes.

Who is in the executive team of Check Cap?

Check Cap leadership team
  • Mr. Alex  Ovadia
    Mr. Alex Ovadia
    CEO & Director
  • Dr. Yoav  Kimchy Ph.D.
    Dr. Yoav Kimchy Ph.D.
    Founder & Interim CTO
  • Mr. Joshua  Belkar
    Mr. Joshua Belkar
    Vice President of Operations
  • Ms. Iris  Even-Tov
    Ms. Iris Even-Tov
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Noa  Reshef M.B.A.
    Ms. Noa Reshef M.B.A.
    Director of Human Resources