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Chariot Corp (ASX:CC9) is an "early-stage" lithium explorer, focusing on the United States, a region rich in lithium resources but lagging in production compared to established players. The company believes a domestic US lithium supply is crucial for battery manufacturers, driving their focus on large-scale surface-mineralized lithium projects. Chariot targets both hard rock lithium (spodumene) in Wyoming and claystone-hosted lithium in Nevada and Oregon. Initial results from their Black Mountain and Resurgent projects indicate promising lithium presence at surface, suggesting potential to compete with similar early-stage US projects in terms of grade and scale. Additionally, their projects benefit from being located in mining-friendly jurisdictions. By focusing on "early-stage" lithium opportunities with large-scale potential, Chariot positions itself to potentially capitalise on the growing demand for lithium in the US battery manufacturing sector.
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Basic Materials

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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Energy /Mining /Resources /United States /Battery metals

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Overview of CHARIOT FPO offerings
Black Mountain Project (Wyoming): Focuses on hard rock lithium (spodumene) exploration with encouraging initial assay results and potential for large-scale development.
Resurgent Project (Nevada and Oregon): Explores for claystone-hosted lithium and boasts early positive indications, targeting large-scale potential.
Copper Mountain Project (Wyoming): Explores for copper mineralization with potential for additional metal discoveries.
South Pass Project (Wyoming): Early-stage exploration project targeting lithium-bearing pegmatites.
Regional Wyoming Projects: Various early-stage exploration licences across Wyoming with diverse mineral potential.
Clayton Valley Project (Nevada): Holds potential for both lithium and boron exploration.

Who is in the executive team of CHARIOT FPO?

CHARIOT FPO leadership team
  • Mr. Shanthar  Pathmanathan
    Mr. Shanthar Pathmanathan
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Frederick Peter Forni
    Mr. Frederick Peter Forni
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Nathan  Kong
    Mr. Nathan Kong
    Corporate Development Manager
  • Mr. Kifor  Muroff
    Mr. Kifor Muroff
    Exploration Geologist
  • Mr. Ramesh  Chakrapani
    Mr. Ramesh Chakrapani
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. Craig  McNab BMS, C.A.
    Mr. Craig McNab BMS, C.A.
    Company Secretary