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What does ChainGPT do?
ChainGPT (CRYPTO:CGPT) is an AI tool that helps people with blockchain and cryptocurrency. It's a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including smart contract generation, auditing, code debugging, and technical analysis. ChainGPT is backed by the CGPT token, which can be used to access the various products and services powered by ChainGPT. CGPT is also used to reward users for contributing to the ChainGPT ecosystem. ChainGPT's goal is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain more accessible and user-friendly. They believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we use and interact with these technologies.
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How many people does ChainGPT employ?


What is the market cap for ChainGPT?

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Where is the head office for ChainGPT?

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Delaware, United States

What year was ChainGPT founded?

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What does ChainGPT specialise in?
/AI & Big Data /BNB Smart Chain /Collectibles & NFTs /Content Creation /DAO /DeFi /Ethereum Ecosystem /Generative AI /Governance /Launchpad /Media /Platform /Research /Seedify /Smart Contracts /Telegram Bot

What are the products and/or services of ChainGPT?

Overview of ChainGPT offerings
Blockchain & Crypto Information: ChainGPT provides users with access to a wide range of information on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This information includes news, articles, tutorials, and more.
Code Debugger: ChainGPT can be used to debug code in a variety of programming languages. This helps developers to find and fix errors in their code.
Code-to-words: ChainGPT can be used to generate natural language descriptions of code. This can be helpful for understanding code or for creating documentation.
Documentation Creator: ChainGPT can be used to generate documentation for a variety of software projects. This includes generating user manuals, API documentation, and more.
No-code Smart Contract Generator: ChainGPT allows users to generate smart contracts without having to write any code. This is done through a simple and user-friendly interface.
Smart-contract Auditor: ChainGPT can be used to audit smart contracts for security vulnerabilities. This helps to ensure that smart contracts are safe and secure to use.

Who is in the executive team of ChainGPT?

ChainGPT leadership team
  • Adrian Kalinin
    Adrian Kalinin
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Agha Fakhar
    Agha Fakhar
    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Aleksandras Gaska
    Aleksandras Gaska
    Founder of Blockwallet
  • Amid Soleimani Yazdi
    Amid Soleimani Yazdi
    Director at EnjinStarter
  • Amid Soleimani Yazdi
    Amid Soleimani Yazdi
    Launchpad Manager
  • Andrey Didovskiy
    Andrey Didovskiy
  • Aqeel Raza
    Aqeel Raza
    Blockchain / Backend Developer
  • Ariel Asafov
    Ariel Asafov
    Chief of Operations (COO)