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What does Ceragon Networks do?
Ceragon Networks (TASE:CRNT), (NASDAQ:CRNT) is a global player in wireless backhaul solutions, specializing in designing and manufacturing equipment for the telecommunications industry. Its products play a crucial role in enabling mobile and fixed-line service providers to deliver voice and data services across various settings, from dense urban areas to remote locations. Ceragon's operations span research and development, production, and sales, focusing on fostering reliable, high-capacity connectivity for a diverse customer base. Its project portfolio includes the deployment of 4G and 5G wireless networks, fostering advancements in high-speed, high-quality internet and telecom services. Objectives of Ceragon center on leveraging its technological expertise to expand its global footprint, enhance network performance, and contribute to the infrastructure underpinning the next generation of telecommunications technology.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Ceragon Networks?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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What does Ceragon Networks specialise in?
/Wireless Backhaul /Network Management /Microwave Radio /IP-20 Platform /FibeAir IP-10 /Network Implementation

What are the products and/or services of Ceragon Networks?

Overview of Ceragon Networks offerings
IP-20 Platform offers flexible wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions, supporting the evolution to 5G with high-capacity, efficient network connectivity.
FibeAir IP-20C delivers a compact, high-power, long-haul solution enabling operators to increase their operational efficiency and offer better QoS.
FibeAir IP-20G is a multi-core, packet radio system designed for backhaul and fronthaul, providing enhanced capacity over longer distances.
PointLink offers reliable, high-capacity, point-to-point microwave connectivity, ideal for last-mile access and private network needs.
NetMaster network management system optimizes network performance and operations, providing a comprehensive suite of management and optimization tools.
Evolution Series offers a range of high-capacity, carrier-grade microwave radios, supporting diverse applications from mobile backhaul to broadband access.

Who is in the executive team of Ceragon Networks?

Ceragon Networks leadership team
  • Mr. Doron  Arazi
    Mr. Doron Arazi
    President & CEO
  • Mr. Ronen  Stein
    Mr. Ronen Stein
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Michal  Goldstein
    Ms. Michal Goldstein
    Chief People Officer
  • Mr. Ulik  Broida
    Mr. Ulik Broida
    Chief Product Officer
  • Mr. Alon  Klomek
    Mr. Alon Klomek
    Executive VP & Chief Revenues Officer
  • Mr. Dima  Friedman
    Mr. Dima Friedman
    Executive VP & COO
  • Ms. Maya  Lustig
    Ms. Maya Lustig
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Hadar  Vismunski-Weinberg
    Ms. Hadar Vismunski-Weinberg
    Chief Legal Officer