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What does Century Therapeutics do?
Century Therapeutics (NASDAQ:IPSC) is a biotechnology firm focused on developing innovative therapies to improve the outcomes of cancer patients. Specializing in cellular therapies, Century Therapeutics is pioneering the development of products with the potential to treat not only hematologic cancers but also solid tumors. The company's projects leverage cutting-edge iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) technology to manufacture cell therapies that are more effective, accessible, and easier to produce than traditional methods. With a commitment to revolutionizing cancer treatment, Century Therapeutics aims to advance its clinical programs and expand its pipeline to address a broad range of cancers, ultimately striving to bring novel, life-saving treatments to the market.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Century Therapeutics?

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Philadelphia, United States

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What does Century Therapeutics specialise in?
/Cellular Therapies /Cancer Treatment /Immuno-Oncology /IPSC Technology /Regenerative Medicine /Therapeutic Development

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Overview of Century Therapeutics offerings
iPSC-derived allogeneic cell therapies for cancer, utilizing engineered immune cells to target hematologic and solid tumors.
Development of CNTY-101, an iPSC-derived NK cell product for treating acute myeloid leukemia.
Advancement of CAR-iT cells targeting CD19 for B-cell malignancies, leveraging iPSC technology for scalable production.
Research on engineered iPSC-derived macrophages (CAR-M) for potential treatment of solid tumors, focusing on enhanced phagocytosis.
Collaboration on iPSC-derived T cell therapies for various cancer targets, emphasizing off-the-shelf availability and reduced risk of graft-versus-host disease.
Investment in proprietary engineering platforms to enhance the efficacy, safety, and manufacturability of cell therapy products.

Who is in the executive team of Century Therapeutics?

Century Therapeutics leadership team
  • Dr. Adrienne  Farid Ph.D.
    Dr. Adrienne Farid Ph.D.
    COO & Head of Early Development
  • Mr. Brent  Pfeiffenberger M.B.A., Pharm.D.
    Mr. Brent Pfeiffenberger M.B.A., Pharm.D.
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Douglas  Carr CPA
    Mr. Douglas Carr CPA
    Interim Principal Financial Officer, Senior VP of Finance & Operations and Secretary
  • Dr. Gregory  Russotti Ph.D.
    Dr. Gregory Russotti Ph.D.
    Chief Technology & Manufacturing Officer
  • Mr. Kenneth J. Dow J.D.
    Mr. Kenneth J. Dow J.D.
    Senior VP of General Counsel
  • Dr. Shane  Williams Ph.D.
    Dr. Shane Williams Ph.D.
    Chief People Officer
  • Dr. Hyam I. Levitsky M.D.
    Dr. Hyam I. Levitsky M.D.
    President of Research & Development
  • Michael  Naso Ph.D.
    Michael Naso Ph.D.
    Senior VP of Cell Engineering