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Centrifuge (CRYPTO:CFG) is a decentralized protocol revolutionizing real-world asset (RWA) liquidity by tokenizing RWAs, granting rapid access to blockchain-based investors. Its suite of services includes Tinlake, empowering businesses to secure funding by tokenizing invoices and receivables, and Pendulum, offering users RWA-backed token investment opportunities. The Asset Originator Toolkit assists organizations in the tokenization process. Centrifuge actively engages in projects like the Centrifuge DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization governing its protocol, the Centrifuge Grants Program, funding platform developers, and the Centrifuge Academy, an educational hub. Centrifuge's key objectives encompass simplifying RWA funding, broadening investor horizons, and advancing blockchain technology adoption within the financial sector.
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San Francisco, CA

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/Ethereum Ecosystem /Polkadot /Polkadot Ecosystem /Real World Assets /Substrate

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Overview of Centrifuge offerings
Asset Originator Toolkit: This toolkit empowers businesses and organizations to tokenize their real-world assets, making them available to investors on the Centrifuge platform.
Centrifuge Chain: Built on Substrate, Centrifuge Chain serves as a blockchain infrastructure for DeFi projects and is designed to support the Centrifuge ecosystem.
Centrifuge DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Centrifuge protocol, allowing the community to participate in decision-making.
Centrifuge Grants Program: This program provides financial support to developers and projects contributing to the Centrifuge ecosystem.
Pendulum: This platform offers asset management solutions, allowing users to invest in real-world asset-backed tokens, creating opportunities for portfolio diversification.
Tinlake: Centrifuge's flagship platform, Tinlake, enables businesses to tokenize and finance their real-world assets, such as invoices and receivables, bringing liquidity to traditionally illiquid assets.