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Celer Network (CRYPTO:CELR) is a layer-2 scaling solution that provides fast, secure, and scalable off-chain transactions for payments and applications. It is operated by Celer Holdings Inc., a Delaware-based company. Celer Network's operations are based on two core pillars: state channels and the State Guardian Network (SGN). State channels allow users to open a direct channel with each other and exchange transactions directly, without having to go through the blockchain. This makes transactions much faster and cheaper than on-chain transactions. The SGN is a decentralized network of nodes that secures and manages state channels. The SGN is responsible for resolving disputes and ensuring that state channels are closed properly. Celer Network is currently working on a number of projects, including expanding the Celer Network ecosystem, improving the Celer Network protocol, and educating users about Celer Network. Celer Network's objectives are to make Celer Network the leading layer-2 scaling solution for payments and applications, and to make it easy for developers to build applications on Celer Network and for users to access and use Celer Network-based applications.
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/Arbitrum Ecosystem /Arrington XRP Capital Portfolio /Binance Launchpad /BNB Chain /Enterprise Solutions /Ethereum Ecosystem /Pantera Capital Portfolio /Platform /Polkadot Ecosystem /Scaling /State Channel /Substrate /Zero Knowledge Proofs

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Overview of Celer Network offerings
Cross-chain payments: Celer Network supports cross-chain payments, meaning that users can send and receive payments between different blockchains.
Developer tools: Celer Network provides a variety of developer tools to help developers build applications on Celer Network.
Fast and cheap transactions: Celer Network secures state channels through the decentralized State Guardian Network (SGN), which resolves disputes and ensures proper channel closure.
Scalable transactions: Celer Network's state channels can handle a large number of transactions per second.
Secure transactions: Celer Network's state channels are secured by the State Guardian Network (SGN). The SGN is a decentralized network of nodes that resolves disputes and ensures that state channels are closed properly.
These services make Celer Network a valuable tool for payments and applications. Celer Network's fast, secure, and scalable transactions make it ideal for a variety of use cases.
User support: Celer Network provides user support to help users with any problems they may encounter. User support can be accessed through the Celer Network website or Discord server.