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What does CEA Industries do?
CEA Industries (NASDAQ:CEAD) is specialized in the design, development, and marketing of solutions for controlled environment agriculture (CEA). This innovative approach allows for the optimized growth of plants by regulating environmental conditions such as temperature, light, and CO2 levels. The company focuses on creating sustainable and efficient cultivation systems for various crops, aiming to address the increasing demand for food security and agricultural productivity in the face of global challenges. With projects ranging from advanced lighting systems to climate control technologies, CEA Industries aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by enhancing crop yields and minimizing environmental impacts. The main objective is to leverage cutting-edge technology to support growers and enhance food production efficiencies worldwide.
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Boulder, United States

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/Cable Assemblies /Electromechanical Assemblies /Wire Harnesses /Custom Cabling /Prototyping Services /Contract Manufacturing

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Overview of CEA Industries offerings
Commercial greenhouse design and construction services, offering scalable solutions for efficient, controlled environment agriculture.
Advanced lighting systems tailored for controlled environment agriculture, enhancing plant growth and operational efficiency.
Vertical farming solutions, integrating innovative technologies for space optimization and increased yield in urban settings.
Climate control systems designed for precision regulation of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within agricultural facilities.
Agricultural software and IoT solutions, providing real-time monitoring and analytics for optimal crop management.
Energy-efficient water management systems, engineered to reduce consumption and improve sustainability in agricultural operations.

Who is in the executive team of CEA Industries?

CEA Industries leadership team
  • Mr. Anthony K. McDonald
    Mr. Anthony K. McDonald
    Chairman, CEO & President
  • Mr. Ian Kiran Patel
    Mr. Ian Kiran Patel
    CFO, Treasurer & Secretary