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Cazaly Resources (ASX:CAZ) explores for a range of minerals across Western Australia, Canada, and Namibia. Their projects span from lithium-rich pegmatites in Canada's James Bay Province (Sundown Project) to rare earth elements in Ontario's Red Lake District (Carb Lake). In Australia, they explore for copper near Halls Creek (Halls Creek Copper) and hold vast ground in the Ashburton Basin with potential for base metals.
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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Battery Metals /Canada /Western Australia /Namibia /Mining Resources

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Overview of Cazaly Resources offerings
Sundown Project: located in the world-class James Bay Lithium Province, host to several advanced lithium projects and new lithium discoveries in Canada and comprises 510 mining claims covering pegmatite outcrops spanning over 260 km2.
Carb Lake Rare Earth Elements: rare earth elements (REE) project is located in the Red Lake District of Ontario, Canada.
Halls Creek Copper: (CAZ 100%) is situated 25km southwest of Halls Creek and covers part of the Halls Creek Mobile Zone which is highly prospective for a range of commodities including copper, gold and nickel.
Ashburton Projects: spans 2,450km2 in the Ashburton Basin, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Abenab North (Namibia): the region is a significant well mineralised base metals province with historic production from several mines including Tsumeb, Kombat, Abenab and the Berg Aukas mines. Tsumeb is a world-famous Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Ge-Cd mine renowned for its wealth of rare and unusual minerals and was mined from 1897 to 1996.
Kaoko Critical Minerals (Namibia): the lithium project is located in northern Namibia, approximately 800km by road from the capital of Windhoek and approximately 750km from the port of Walvis Bay.

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  • Ms. Tara  French
    Ms. Tara French
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Donald  Horn
    Mr. Donald Horn
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Michael J. Robbins
    Mr. Michael J. Robbins
    Company Secretary