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What does Gyre Therapeutics do?
Gyre Therapeutics (NASDAQ:GYRE) is dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovation in drug therapies, focusing its efforts on addressing unmet medical needs across a variety of conditions. While the company leans heavily on cutting-edge research and development to fuel its pipeline of novel treatments, it prides itself on a multidisciplinary approach that combines biological insights with advanced technology to develop safer, more effective medications. Gyre Therapeutics’ projects span from early-stage research to late-stage clinical trials, emphasizing collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients to ensure its objectives align with real-world demands. The company aims to significantly improve patient outcomes through its therapeutic advancements, showcasing a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals around the globe.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Gyre Therapeutics?

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North Carolina, United States

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What does Gyre Therapeutics specialise in?
/Hemophilia Treatments /Coagulation Disorders /Clinical Development /Biopharmaceutical Research /Protease Engineering /Drug Discovery

What are the products and/or services of Gyre Therapeutics?

Overview of Gyre Therapeutics offerings
Development of innovative gene therapies targeting chronic and age-related diseases.
Creation of proprietary platforms for the delivery of genetic material into cells.
Research into novel methods for managing and treating neurodegenerative disorders.
Engagement in collaborations with academia and industry to enhance gene therapy techniques.
Production of scalable and efficient gene editing tools for clinical use.
Provision of consulting services on genetic therapy strategies and regulatory pathways.

Who is in the executive team of Gyre Therapeutics?

Gyre Therapeutics leadership team
  • Dr. Han  Ying Ph.D.
    Dr. Han Ying Ph.D.
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Songjiang  Ma
    Mr. Songjiang Ma
    President & Director
  • Ms. Ruoyu  Chen
    Ms. Ruoyu Chen
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Weiguo  Ye
    Mr. Weiguo Ye
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Seline E. Miller CPA
    Ms. Seline E. Miller CPA
    Senior Vice President of Finance