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Cartesi (CRYPTO:CTSI) offers a layer-2 solution that empowers developers to construct Turing-complete smart contracts on Ethereum and other blockchains, using their rollups technology. This allows for the creation of intricate smart contracts that surpass on-chain limitations while maintaining blockchain's security and decentralization. The core of Cartesi's operations is built upon three pillars: the Cartesi Machine Learning Framework, enabling developers to train and deploy machine learning models on the blockchain; the Cartesi Virtual Machine, which allows the execution of full-fledged operating systems on the blockchain; and the Cartesi Bridge, simplifying asset transfers between the Cartesi layer-2 solution and the Ethereum mainnet. Cartesi's ongoing projects focus on expanding its ecosystem with applications and partners, improving its protocol for enhanced speed and security, and educating users about its benefits. Ultimately, Cartesi's objectives are to establish itself as the leading layer-2 solution, simplify decentralized application development, and streamline user interaction with Cartesi-based applications.
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Overview of Cartesi offerings
Cartesi Bridge: Cartesi provides a bridge that allows users to transfer assets between the Cartesi layer-2 solution and the Ethereum mainnet.
Cartesi Ecosystem Fund: Cartesi provides an ecosystem fund to support the development of Cartesi-based applications. The fund provides grants to developers who are building innovative and useful applications on Cartesi.
Cartesi Explorer: Cartesi offers a feature-rich explorer for users to interact with Cartesi-based applications, including checking account balances, transaction history, and reviewing smart contract code.
Cartesi Machine Learning Framework: Cartesi offers a blockchain-based machine learning framework for creating decentralized apps harnessing machine learning capabilities.
Cartesi Virtual Machine: Cartesi provides a virtual machine that allows developers to execute Linux and other operating systems on the blockchain.
Rollups for Turing-complete smart contracts: Cartesi provides a layer-2 solution that allows developers to build Turing-complete smart contracts on Ethereum and other blockchains. This allows developers to create more complex and sophisticated smart contracts than would be possible on-chain.