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Capital Group Municipal Income ETF (NYSEARCA:CMUI) specializes in investing in municipal debt securities aimed at generating tax-exempt income. Operating in the financial sector, CMUI focuses on a portfolio that includes a variety of municipal bonds and debts, designed to offer investors stable income with tax advantages. The fund seeks to achieve a balanced mix of investments, maintaining a careful balance between risk and return. Its objectives are to provide investors with a consistent income stream while preserving their capital, making it a suitable choice for those looking for tax-efficient income solutions. Through its strategic investments, CMUI aims to capitalize on the diverse opportunities within the municipal bond market, demonstrating a commitment to navigating the complexities of tax-exempt income generation. CMUI is solely listed on the NYSE Arca, ensuring a focused approach on the U.S. market.
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Los Angeles, United States

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/Investment Services /Fixed Income /Municipal Bonds /Portfolio Management /Risk Management /Tax-Exempt Investments

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Overview of Capital Group Municipalome ETF offerings
Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds investment targeting high-quality issues to provide federally tax-exempt income.
Actively managed portfolio aimed at generating a high level of current income.
Diversification strategies across various sectors and geographies to minimize risks.
Credit research for assessing and selecting municipal securities with favorable returns.
Income strategies focused on finding value across different maturities and credit qualities to maximize returns.
Interest rate analysis to manage the portfolio’s sensitivity to changes in market rates.