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Capital Group Growth ETF (NYSE:CGGR) is a dynamic exchange-traded fund focused on delivering long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of growth-oriented stocks. The fund seeks to identify and invest in companies across a broad range of sectors with strong growth potential and sustainable competitive advantages. With an active management approach, Capital Group Growth ETF aims to leverage Capital Group's renowned research capabilities to make informed investment decisions, targeting both established and emerging markets worldwide. The ETF's objective is to offer investors exposure to high-growth prospects while managing risk, aiming to outperform the broader market over time. Despite being primarily traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Capital Group Growth ETF's strategy and operations are geared towards capturing growth opportunities on a global scale, making it a choice for investors seeking growth-focused investment opportunities.
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Los Angeles, United States

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/Investment Management /Equity Investments /Exchange Traded Funds /Portfolio Diversification /Asset Allocation /Risk Management

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Overview of Capital Group Growth ETF offerings
Focused on identifying companies with long-term growth potential, emphasizing innovative firms.
Invests primarily in large-cap and mid-cap companies believed to have above-average growth prospects.
Offers a diversified portfolio composed of U.S. and international stocks.
Seeks to provide capital appreciation through a rigorous fundamental investment process.
Leverages in-depth research to select stocks across various sectors and industries.
Aims to offer low costs and tax efficiency for investors looking for growth exposure.