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Cannindah Resources (ASX:CAE) is an Australia-based exploration and resource development company focused on copper and gold mineral exploration, evaluation, and progressing various mineral projects. The company's flagship project is the Mount Cannindah Copper-Gold Project in Queensland, Australia. Cannindah is also exploring for gold at the Piccadilly Project in Queensland. Cannindah's goal is to preserve shareholder wealth and grow the value of its assets with prudent exploration methods. The company's current focus is to progress further exploration work at the Mount Cannindah Project and review the possible strategies for the Piccadilly Project.
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Queensland, Australia

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/Mineral Exploration /Mining /Gold /Copper /Queensland /Resources

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Flagship Mount Cannindah Gold Project: High-grade gold deposits in Queensland's Drummond Basin, with promising exploration and development potential.
Piccadilly Project: Situated 60 km north of Charters Towers. Established in 2018, it benefits from convenient access to Townsville and existing infrastructure providing reliable power access.

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Cannindah Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas Jon Pickett L.L.B., LLB
    Mr. Thomas Jon Pickett L.L.B., LLB
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Garry C. Gill BCom, C.A., CA, FCIS, FGIA, M.A.I.C.D., MAICD
    Mr. Garry C. Gill BCom, C.A., CA, FCIS, FGIA, M.A.I.C.D., MAICD
    CFO & Company Secretary