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Calix (ASX:CXL) is an Australian technology company that develops and commercialises innovative solutions for water treatment, CO2 mitigation, biotechnology, advanced batteries, and more sustainable mineral and chemical processing. Calix's core technology is a patented process that uses a mineral honeycomb to capture and remove pollutants from water and other fluids. Calix's operations are focused on the development and commercialization of its technology. The company has a number of research and development partnerships with universities and other organisations, and it is also working to commercialise its technology through a number of joint ventures and licensing agreements.
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New South Wales, Australia

What year was Calix founded?

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What does Calix specialise in?
/Environmental /Technology /Sustainability /Batteries /Emissions /CO2 /Biofuels /Chemicals

What are the products and/or services of Calix?

Overview of Calix offerings
Water treatment solutions: Calix technology removes pollutants from water, including arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals.
CO2 mitigation solutions: Calix technology captures and stores CO2 emissions from industrial processes.
Biotechnology solutions: Calix technology is used to produce biofuels and other renewable chemicals.
Advanced battery solutions: Calix technology is used to develop more efficient and sustainable batteries.
Sustainable mineral and chemical processing solutions: Calix technology is used to reduce the environmental impact of mineral and chemical processing.
Technology development and commercialisation services: Calix offers its technology development and commercialization services to other companies.

Who is in the executive team of Calix?

Calix leadership team
  • Dr. Philip Hargraves Hodgson B.E., BE, Ph.D.
    Dr. Philip Hargraves Hodgson B.E., BE, Ph.D.
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Dr. Mark Geoffrey Sceats B.Sc, B.Sc., Ph.D.
    Dr. Mark Geoffrey Sceats B.Sc, B.Sc., Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, Chief Scientist & Executive Director
  • Mr. Darren  Charles B. Com, FCPA
    Mr. Darren Charles B. Com, FCPA
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Dr. Doug  Kelley
    Dr. Doug Kelley
    GM of Water (North America) & President of Inland Environmental Resources, Inc.
  • Mr. Daniel  Rennie
    Mr. Daniel Rennie
    Chief Executive Officer of the LEILAC Group
  • Mr. Vincent  Nguyen
    Mr. Vincent Nguyen
    General Manager of Operations
  • Vanessa  Mayne
    Vanessa Mayne
    Sustainability Manager
  • Mr. Andrew  Okely
    Mr. Andrew Okely
    General Manager of Commercial