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What does CalAmp do?
CalAmp (NASDAQ:CAMP) is a telematics pioneer, delivering targeted solutions that help businesses and consumers streamline operations, track valuable assets, and transform decision-making processes. By leveraging a broad portfolio of technologies, from edge intelligence to networked applications, the company aims to connect the mobile world, ensuring critical information can be accessed anytime and anywhere. CalAmp is dedicated to innovation in the machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors, focusing on key areas such as vehicle telematics, asset tracking, and management software. Their projects span multiple industries, including transportation, construction, and government, aiming to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. CalAmp's overarching objective is to empower customers with data-driven solutions that promote operational excellence and drive sustainable growth.
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What sector is CalAmp in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for CalAmp ?

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Irvine, United States

What year was CalAmp founded?

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What does CalAmp specialise in?
/Telematics Services /Software Applications /Mobile Resource Management /Wireless Communications /Network Routing /GPS Fleet Tracking

What are the products and/or services of CalAmp ?

Overview of CalAmp offerings
Telematics solutions offering fleet management, asset tracking, and optimization tailored for enterprises.
SC iOn Tag, a scalable Bluetooth tag solution for tracking inventory and assets.
CrashBoxx, a vehicle risk management system that provides real-time crash alerts and detailed accident reconstruction reports.
CalAmp iOn Vision, a video telematics product that combines AI-driven insights with real-time video monitoring.
Supply chain integrity solutions, ensuring secure and efficient movement of goods through advanced monitoring technology.

Who is in the executive team of CalAmp ?

CalAmp leadership team
  • Mr. Jikun  Kim
    Mr. Jikun Kim
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Ms. Xiaolian  Zhang
    Ms. Xiaolian Zhang
    Senior VP of Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Mr. Chris  Adams
    Mr. Chris Adams
    President & CEO
  • Mr. Mark  Gaydos
    Mr. Mark Gaydos
    Chief Marketing & Product Officer
  • Mr. Christian  Horne
    Mr. Christian Horne
    Vice President of Sales
  • Mr. Michael P. Zachan
    Mr. Michael P. Zachan
    Senior VP & GM of Wireless Networks Business Unit
  • Ms. Monica Duran Van Berkel
    Ms. Monica Duran Van Berkel
    Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Nathan  Lowstuter
    Mr. Nathan Lowstuter
    Senior VP & Chief Supply Chain Officer