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What does Cadrenal Therapeutics do?
Cadrenal Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CVKD) specializes in the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, adrenal disorders, and related areas. Its operations focus on advancing a pipeline of proprietary compounds through clinical development to address unmet medical needs in these therapeutic areas. Cadrenal Therapeutics is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through scientific excellence and robust clinical trial programs. The company’s objectives include delivering breakthrough treatments, expanding its portfolio through strategic collaborations, and ensuring the accessibility of its therapies to patients worldwide. Cadrenal Therapeutics is committed to excellence in research and development, aiming to become a key player in transforming patient care in its focus areas.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Cadrenal Therapeutics ?

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Florida, United States

What year was Cadrenal Therapeutics founded?

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What does Cadrenal Therapeutics specialise in?
/Pharmaceutical Development /Gene Therapy /Drug Discovery /Clinical Trials /Healthcare Services /Medical Research

What are the products and/or services of Cadrenal Therapeutics ?

Overview of Cadrenal Therapeutics offerings
Development of innovative cardiovascular medications aimed at enhancing patient outcomes and treatment experiences.
Research into novel therapeutic agents for the management of chronic heart conditions.
Advanced therapy development for rare cardiovascular diseases, focusing on unmet medical needs.
Collaboration with healthcare professionals and institutions to deliver educational programs and resources on cardiovascular health.
Implementation of cutting-edge technology in drug discovery processes to expedite the development of effective treatments.
Community outreach initiatives dedicated to raising awareness and support for individuals affected by cardiovascular diseases.

Who is in the executive team of Cadrenal Therapeutics ?

Cadrenal Therapeutics leadership team
  • Dr. Douglas W. Losordo FACC, FAHA, M.D.
    Dr. Douglas W. Losordo FACC, FAHA, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Mr. Quang X. Pham
    Mr. Quang X. Pham
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Matthew K. Szot CPA, CPA
    Mr. Matthew K. Szot CPA, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jeffrey  Cole
    Mr. Jeffrey Cole
    Chief Operating Officer