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Buxton Resources (ASX:BUX) is an Australian metals explorer, focused on deposits of nickel, copper, gold, iron and graphite. Buxton Resources has partnered with mid-tier mining giant IGO (ASX:IGO) on a number of farm-in joint venture agreements. Buxton is currently focused on its 100% owned high grade Graphite Bull project, located in Western Australia. Recent work has demonstrated that Graphite Bull has the potential to be Australia’s supplier of choice for Battery Anode Materials. Buxton is also managing exploration at the Copper Wolf Project in Arizona, USA. The Copper Wolf Project, which is located within one of the most prolifically endowed copper belts in the world, has a number of historical resource estimates available that confirm the presence of a large Laramide porphyry Cu/Mo system.
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Perth, Australia

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/Copper /Graphite /Mining /Exploration /Western Australia /United States /Resources

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Overview of Buxton Resources offerings
Graphite Bull Project: located 250km North West of Meekatharra and 280km East of Carnarvon, Western Australia, and covers an area of 22km.
Copper Wolf Project: Buxton owns a 100% interest in the Copper Wolf porphyry Cu-Mo Project in Arizona, USA.
Narryer Project: forms part of the Western Yilgarn Craton margin which hosts the recently discovered, world-class Julimar Ni-Cu-PGE Project.
Fraser Range Project: joint venture with IGO Limited of the Widowmaker Ni – Cu – Co sulphide prospect and the Zanthus Iron Project in the Fraser Range, Western Australia.
West Kimberley Projects: joint venture with IGO Limited, Ni – Cu Sulphide exploration in multiple locations within the West Kimberley, WA.
Laterton Project: 100% owned Cu – Au prospect east of Bililuna, Western Australia.

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Buxton Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Martin  Moloney
    Mr. Martin Moloney
    Interim Chief Executive Officer
  • Ben  Wasse
    Ben Wasse
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Sam Michael Wright A.C.I.S., ACIS, AFin, DipAcc, M.A.I.C.D., MAICD
    Mr. Sam Michael Wright A.C.I.S., ACIS, AFin, DipAcc, M.A.I.C.D., MAICD
    Company Secretary