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Burley Minerals (ASX:BUR) focuses on exploring and developing lithium and iron ore projects in Canada and Western Australia. Their key Canadian project is the Chubb Lithium Project in Quebec, Canada. The company is also exploring the Mt James and Dragon lithium projects in Western Australia. Burley also owns a 70% interest in the Yerecoin Magnetite iron Ore Project located approximately 120km to the northeast of Perth, Western Australian. Burley focuses on Tier-1 provinces known for their mineral potential, like Quebec in Canada and the Gascoyne region in Western Australia. This strategic approach aims to increase the likelihood of discovering significant mineral deposits.
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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Iron ore /Mining /Resources /Canada /Western Australia

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Chubb Lithium Project: Situated in Quebec, Canada, this project holds potential for lithium-bearing pegmatites and lepidolite mineralization.
Mt James and Dragon Lithium Projects: Located in Western Australia's Gascoyne region, these projects target lithium-bearing pegmatites with potential for hard-rock lithium spodumene mineralization.
Yerecoin Project: Located near New Norcia, Western Australia, this project holds a JORC-compliant magnetite resource and historical studies suggesting potential for economic mining.

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Burley Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Stewart  McCallion
    Mr. Stewart McCallion
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Kieran  Witt
    Mr. Kieran Witt
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Gary Raymond Powell
    Mr. Gary Raymond Powell
    Technical Advisor