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Burgundy Diamond Mines (ASX:BDM) is an Australian diamond exploration and development company with a focus on the development of its flagship Ekati Diamond Project in Canada. The company's operations include the exploration, development, and production of diamonds. BDM's key project is the Ekati Diamond Project, which is Canada's first surface and underground diamond mine, known for producing premium gem quality diamonds. BDM's objective is to become a leading diamond producer in Canada. The company is committed to developing its projects in a sustainable and responsible manner. BDM has a strong focus on safety and environmental protection.
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Alberta, Canada

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/Diamonds /Canada /Mining /Consumer /Jewellery /Resources

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Exploring diamond-rich territories in Canada's Nunavut, unveiling the vast wealth beneath.
Naujaat Diamond Project: located nine kilometers northeast of the hamlet of Naujaat (formerly Repulse Bay), Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, represents the largest undeveloped diamond property in Canada that is currently not under the control of a major mining company.
Sorting and selling: Burgundy produces rough diamonds at Ekati Diamond Mine. After the rough diamonds are sorted and valued, they are sold either through auctions or allocations to manufacturers for cutting and polishing through our sales office in Antwerp, Belgium.
Cutting and polishing: Burgundy has its own secure diamond cutting, polishing, grading and sales in Perth, Western Australia, where skilled artisans and trained specialists work on and value some of the most expensive diamonds in the world.
Diamond sales: Diamonds are sold through the company’s proprietary auction system in Antwerp and through select tenders for larger special diamonds. In addition, Burgundy sells exclusively to jewelers to supply unique fancy gemstones for exquisite high-end jewellery pieces and custom jewellery designs.

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Burgundy Diamond Mines leadership team
  • Mr. Kim  Truter
    Mr. Kim Truter
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Brad  Baylis
    Mr. Brad Baylis
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Jeff  Reinson M.Sc.
    Mr. Jeff Reinson M.Sc.
    Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Jeremy David Taylor ARSM, Bsc Eng(Hons), FSAIMM, MAusIMM
    Mr. Jeremy David Taylor ARSM, Bsc Eng(Hons), FSAIMM, MAusIMM
    Vice President of Technical
  • Mr. Eric  Ingle
    Mr. Eric Ingle
    Vice President of Corporate Development