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Bulletin Resources (ASX:BNR) is a gold and lithium explorer across Western Australia. Their primary focus is the Ravensthorpe Lithium Project, situated within the established Ravensthorpe lithium mining district. This project holds potential for lithium-bearing pegmatites, targeting high-grade spodumene mineralization. Beyond Ravensthorpe, Bulletin is focused on gold exploration with their >600km² Lake Rebecca Gold Project, neighbouring the >1 million ounce Rebecca gold deposit. Employing a data-driven approach, Bulletin utilises modern geological and geophysical techniques to identify and assess mineral potential. Their leadership boasts extensive experience in exploration, mining, and corporate governance, guiding the company's development.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Lithium /Battery metals /Mining /Resources /Western Australia

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Overview of Bulletin Resources offerings
Ravensthorpe Lithium Project: Located 12km from an existing operating lithium mine, this project holds prospective pegmatites with potential for lithium mineralization. Exploration activities are ongoing to assess the lithium potential and define the resource potential.
Lake Rebecca Gold Project: This project covers over 600km² and lies along the strike of a known 1 million ounce gold deposit. Exploration focuses on identifying and assessing potential gold mineralization within the project area.
Mt Chifley and Mt Jewell Gold Projects: Situated north east of Kalgoorlie, these brownfield projects offer near-term development potential, leveraging existing infrastructure and historical exploration data.

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Bulletin Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Mark  Csar
    Mr. Mark Csar
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Andrew D. Chapman C.A., F Fin
    Mr. Andrew D. Chapman C.A., F Fin
    Company Secretary