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What does BSA do?
BSA (ASX:BSA) is an Australian publicly-listed technical services and field solutions company with over 1,200 employees. BSA provides installation and maintenance services for a range of industries, including telecommunications, technology, broadcast, and the building services industry. BSA provides a range of services, including installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks, including the nbn, construction and maintenance of electrical and power networks, installation and maintenance of security and surveillance systems, data and communications cabling and audio-visual systems.
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Where is the head office for BSA?

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Head Office
New South Wales, Australia

What year was BSA founded?

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Year Founded
What does BSA specialise in?
/Technical Services /Field Solutions /Engineering /Network /Telecommunications /Infrastructure

What are the products and/or services of BSA?

Overview of BSA offerings
Design: BSA's in-house team offers comprehensive end-to-end engineering services, from precise technical and structural specifications to Safety In Design, environmental adherence, and site acquisition.
Build: BSA’s team of project managers work across the national footprint of field engineers and partners building critical infrastructure for fixed and mobile communications.
Install: BSA specialises in fixed-line communications, pay TV, satellite, and electricity smart metre installation and maintenance across Australia's residential and commercial sectors.
Operate: BSA collaborates with various industries and technologies, enhancing complex network management.
Maintain: the company’s extensive technician network across Australia swiftly handles maintenance for various technologies, including fixed, satellite, and mobile.

Who is in the executive team of BSA?

BSA leadership team
  • Mr. Arno  Becker
    Mr. Arno Becker
    Joint CEO, CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Richard  Bartley
    Mr. Richard Bartley
    Joint CEO & COO
  • Mr. Nicholas  Benson
    Mr. Nicholas Benson
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. Younis  Tehfe
    Mr. Younis Tehfe
    Regional General Manager of NSW & WA HVAC
  • Frank  Wiedermann
    Frank Wiedermann
    General Manager of Allstaff Airconditioning VIC