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What does Broad Capital Acquisition Unit do?
Broad Capital Acquisition Unit (NASDAQ:BRACU) is a dynamic entity focused on pursuing mergers, capital stock exchanges, asset acquisitions, stock purchases, and reorganizations. This endeavor targets businesses and assets spanning various industries, aiming to drive value through strategic investments and partnerships. Broad Capital Acquisition Unit's objective is to identify and execute projects that offer substantial growth potential, leveraging its expertise and resources to foster long-term success and shareholder value. With a singular listing on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BRACU, the company’s efforts are concentrated on maximizing the outcomes of its strategic initiatives, staying true to its commitment to innovation and excellence in its field.
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Where is the head office for Broad Capital Acquisition Unit?

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Dallas, United States

What year was Broad Capital Acquisition Unit founded?

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What does Broad Capital Acquisition Unit specialise in?
/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Corporate Mergers /Capital Investment /Business Management /Shareholder Value

What are the products and/or services of Broad Capital Acquisition Unit?

Overview of Broad Capital Acquisition Unit offerings
Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) mergers and acquisitions, focusing on high-growth companies.
Financial advisory services for transactions including mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.
Capital raising services for corporations and other entities seeking investment.
Strategic consulting services for business development and growth strategies.
Investment in emerging technologies and companies with high growth potential.
Due diligence and valuation services for businesses undergoing mergers or acquisitions.

Who is in the executive team of Broad Capital Acquisition Unit?

Broad Capital Acquisition Unit leadership team
  • Mr. Yau On Tse
    Mr. Yau On Tse
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Rongrong  Jiang C.F.A.
    Ms. Rongrong Jiang C.F.A.
    CFO & Director