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Brightstar Resources Limited (ASX:BTR) focuses on gold exploration and development in Western Australia's prolific Eastern Goldfields. Their key project, the Brightstar Gold Project, encompasses approximately 295 square kilometres and includes several prospective areas within a 60km radius of their existing processing plant. This existing infrastructure reduces logistical hurdles and streamlines potential future development. Brightstar also owns the Menzies Gold Project, historically producing 787,200oz of gold at high grades. They recently commenced mining operations there via a profit-share joint venture, generating early cash flow and providing valuable operational experience.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Precious metals /Western Australia /Mining /Resources

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Overview of Brightstar Resources offerings
Brightstar Gold Project: This is the main project, encompassing ~295km² with several prospective areas like Cork Tree Well, Alpha, and Beta.
Cork Tree Well: Holds a JORC Mineral Resource of 5.6Mt @ 1.4g/t Au for 252koz Au, with drilling campaigns aiming to expand the resource and support development feasibility studies.
Beta: Encompasses the existing Brightstar processing plant and surrounding ground with a JORC Mineral Resource of 1.88Mt @ 1.7g/t Au for 102koz Au, potentially supporting early-stage production utilizing the existing infrastructure.
Alpha: A prospective area with an exploration target of 1-2Moz Au based on historical data and recent drilling, requiring further exploration to define a JORC Mineral Resource.
Menzies Gold Project: Acquired through a merger, this historically producing project (787,200oz Au at high grades) recently commenced mining operations through a profit-share joint venture, generating early cash flow and providing valuable operational experience.

Who is in the executive team of Brightstar Resources?

Brightstar Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Alexander  Rovira
    Mr. Alexander Rovira
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Yafei  Wang
    Mr. Yafei Wang
    Financial Controller & Joint Company Secretary
  • Mr. Dean  Vallve
    Mr. Dean Vallve
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Wenhua  Shan
    Mr. Wenhua Shan
    Chief Geologist
  • Mr. Ian  Pegg
    Mr. Ian Pegg
    Chief Exploration Geologist
  • Mr. Benjamin  Smith
    Mr. Benjamin Smith
    Joint Company Secretary