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What does Bridges Capital Tactical ETF do?
Bridges Capital Tactical ETF (NASDAQ:BDGS) is a relatively new exchange-traded fund (ETF) listed on the NASDAQ. It aims to offer tactical asset allocation, meaning its holdings can change based on market conditions. Specific details about the investment strategy are not publicly available. With an expense ratio of 0.85%, it charges slightly higher fees than some broad market ETFs. Currently trading around $28 per share, BDGS offers exposure to a diversified basket of assets but lacks transparency regarding its holdings selection.
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Florida, United States

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/Investment Management /ETF Services /Portfolio Diversification /Risk Management /Financial Advisory /Capital Growth

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Overview of Bridges Capital Tactical ETF offerings
Asset Allocation Strategies - Utilizes dynamic allocation to optimize investment returns across various asset classes.
Equity Investments - Focuses on equities with potential for high growth, including emerging markets.
Fixed Income Products - Offers diversified fixed income solutions to balance risk and reward.
Commodity Investments - Invests in commodities as a hedge against inflation and portfolio diversifier.
Real Estate Funds - Targets real estate investments to capitalize on property market dynamics.
Risk Management Services - Provides comprehensive risk assessment and management to protect investments.