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Botto (CRYPTO:BOTTO) is a decentralized autonomous artist (DAA) that relies on AI algorithms like Stable Diffusion, VQGAN + CLIP, and GPT-3 to craft art based on community input. It's governed by the BottoDAO, where $BOTTO token holders determine its artistic direction and sales methods. Weekly, Botto presents 350 art pieces for DAO consideration, with the most popular one minted on Ethereum and auctioned. Proceeds are managed by the DAO, funding artist management, server maintenance, and community creative rewards. Botto offers the Botto Art Collection, featuring over 10,000 artworks for Ethereum purchase, while the Botto Token plays a pivotal role in governance and artwork acquisition. Botto aims to democratize art creation, emphasizing AI's potential to make art more inclusive and community-driven.
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/AI & Big Data /Collectibles & NFTs /Olympus Pro Ecosystem

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Overview of Botto offerings
Art Creation**: Botto utilizes AI algorithms to generate a wide range of artworks, offering unique and diverse artistic creations.
Art Purchase**: Users can acquire artworks from the Botto Art Collection using $BOTTO tokens, providing a means for art enthusiasts to own digital creations and support the platform's ecosystem.
Auction Sales**: The most popular artwork selected by the community is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and sold at auction, providing a marketplace for art enthusiasts.
Community Feedback**: Botto engages the community by presenting its art for feedback, enabling users to have a say in the artistic process.
DAO Management**: Botto's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) efficiently manages the platform's proceeds, allocating funds for artist management, server maintenance, and rewarding community contributors.
Token Governance**: The $BOTTO token serves as a governance tool, allowing holders to participate in decision-making regarding art creation, sales, and other platform activities.