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What does Boom Logistics do?
Boom Logistics (ASX:BOL) is an Australian provider of lifting solutions and heavy transport services. The company has a diversified fleet of over 600 cranes, travel towers and other equipment, and operates across a range of sectors including mining, renewable energy, infrastructure and construction. Boom Logistics is currently working on a number of major projects, including the Clarke Creek Wind Farm project in Queensland and the Iron Bridge Magnetite Project in Western Australia. The company is also expanding its operations into central Queensland and north-west Western Australia.
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Where is the head office for Boom Logistics?

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Victoria, Australia

What year was Boom Logistics founded?

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What does Boom Logistics specialise in?
/Logistics /Lifting Solutions /Crane /Engineering /Industrials

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Overview of Boom Logistics offerings
Crane Services: has a fleet of over 200 cranes, ranging from small all-terrain cranes to large lattice boom cranes.
Specialised Transport: has a fleet of over 100 specialised transport vehicles, including heavy haulage trucks, trailers and self-propelled modular transporters.
Engineering Solutions: provides a range of engineering solutions, including crane lift planning, rigging design and engineering certification.

Who is in the executive team of Boom Logistics?

Boom Logistics leadership team
  • Mr. Ben  Pieyre
    Mr. Ben Pieyre
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Emmanuel V. Bikakis C.P.A., M.A.I.C.D.
    Mr. Emmanuel V. Bikakis C.P.A., M.A.I.C.D.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Reuben  David B.Com., L.L.B.
    Mr. Reuben David B.Com., L.L.B.
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Andrew  Brooks
    Andrew Brooks
    General Manager of Human Resources