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Blur (CRYPTO:BLUR) stands out as a decentralized NFT marketplace that aims to redefine the NFT experience by offering efficiency and user-friendliness. It achieves this through several notable features, including batch sweeping, which enables users to buy and sell multiple NFTs simultaneously, saving both time and money. Floor sweeping allows for the bulk purchase of an entire collection's NFTs, catering to investors looking to quickly accumulate assets. Additionally, Blur equips users with analytical tools for well-informed trading decisions. The platform's user-friendly design, with an intuitive and clean interface, makes it accessible to both experienced and novice NFT traders. What sets Blur apart is its collaborative nature, operated by a global community of developers and users, with the Blur Foundation as a non-profit organization offering support and guidance. Blur powers various projects, including the core Blur Marketplace for NFT trading, Blur Analytics with valuable analytical tools, and Blur Governance, a decentralized system for users to vote on protocol governance proposals. Its overarching goals encompass promoting the adoption of NFTs and decentralized finance and contributing to the growth and maturation of the broader blockchain ecosystem. As a prominent player in the NFT space, Blur actively shapes and advances the blockchain landscape.
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Culver City, CA

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/Collectibles & NFTs

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Analytical tools: Blur provides users with a variety of analytical tools that can help them to make informed trading decisions.
Batch sweeping: Blur allows users to buy and sell multiple NFTs at once, which can save time and money.
Blur is a rapidly growing NFT marketplace with a wide range of features and services. It is a leading player in the NFT space and is making significant contributions to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.
Cross-chain trading: Blur is developing a cross-chain bridge that will allow users to trade NFTs between Ethereum and other blockchains, such as Polygon and Arbitrum.
Floor sweeping: Blur allows users to buy all of the NFTs on the floor of a collection, which can be useful for investors who want to quickly accumulate a large number of NFTs.
NFT lending and borrowing: Blur is also developing a peer-to-peer NFT lending and borrowing platform called Blend. Blend will allow users to lend or borrow NFTs in exchange for cryptocurrency.
NFT marketplace: Blur is a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.