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What does Bluebet do?
BlueBet (ASX:BBT) is an Australian online bookmaker, offering a wide range of sports betting and other gambling products. The company's operations are focused on the Australian and New Zealand markets, where it is a licensed operator. BlueBet's key projects include the expansion of its product offering, the development of new technologies, and the growth of its customer base. The company's objectives are to increase its market share in the Australian and New Zealand online betting markets, to become a leading player in the international online betting market, and to generate long-term sustainable profits for its shareholders.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Bluebet?

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Head Office
New South Wales, Australia

What year was Bluebet founded?

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Year Founded
What does Bluebet specialise in?
/Sports betting /Gambling /Racing /Gaming /Leisure /Technology

What are the products and/or services of Bluebet?

Overview of Bluebet offerings
Sports betting: offers a wide range of sports betting markets, including all major Australian and international sports. Customers can bet on a variety of outcomes.
Racing betting: offers a comprehensive range of racing betting markets, including all Australian and New Zealand thoroughbred and harness racing meetings.
Live betting: offers live betting on a variety of sports and racing events. This allows customers to place bets on events as they are happening.
Mobile betting- offers mobile betting apps for both iOS and Android devices. These apps allow customers to place bets on the go.
Responsible gambling tools: offers a variety of responsible gambling tools to help customers manage their gambling habits.

Who is in the executive team of Bluebet?

Bluebet leadership team
  • Mr. Michael  Sullivan
    Mr. Michael Sullivan
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. William  Richmond
    Mr. William Richmond
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Darren  Holley
    Mr. Darren Holley
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jake  Francis
    Mr. Jake Francis
    Senior Vice President Operations for Americas
  • Mr. Sean  Phinney
    Mr. Sean Phinney
    Senior Vice President Marketing for Americas
  • Ms. Laura  Newell
    Ms. Laura Newell
    Company Secretary