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Blackstone Minerals (ASX:BSX) is an Australian mining company focused on its Ta Khoa Nickel Mine in Vietnam, which processes nickel ore delivered by its underground bulk sample program, and Ta Khoa Refinery which has undergone pre-feasibility study (PFS).
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Perth, Australia

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/Mining /Nickel /Cobalt /Gold /Vietnam /Canada

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Overview of Blackstone Minerals offerings
Ta Khoa Project: Ta Khoa in Vietnam includes an existing modern nickel mine built to Australian standards, which is being used to process nickel ore delivered by its underground bulk sample program.
Ta Khoa Refinery: The refinery is a pivotal component of the company’s integrated strategy, which relies on securing nickel concentrate, capitalising on the substantial potential of the expanding Ta Khoa nickel sulphide district.
Goldbridge Project: A cobalt-gold project spanning 367 km² is situated 180 km north of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Initial results suggest significant potential for the project to become a prominent cobalt belt in British Columbia.

Who is in the executive team of Blackstone Minerals?

Blackstone Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Scott  Williamson B.Com., B.E.
    Mr. Scott Williamson B.Com., B.E.
    MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Jamie  Byrde B.Com., BCom CA, C.A.
    Mr. Jamie Byrde B.Com., BCom CA, C.A.
    Company Secretary & CFO