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What does BKI Investment do?
BKI Investment Company Limited (ASX:BKI) is an Australian-based listed investment company (LIC) that invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares. BKI is focused on investing in quality companies with a history of and are expected to continue to pay attractive and growing dividends. BKI's operations are focused on investing and managing its portfolio of Australian shares. The company's portfolio is managed by Contact Asset Management, an experienced investment management firm.
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What sector is BKI Investment in?

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Financial Services

Where is the head office for BKI Investment?

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Head Office
New South Wales, Australia

What year was BKI Investment founded?

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What does BKI Investment specialise in?
/LIC /Investment /Managed fund /Fund /Financial /Portfolio

What are the products and/or services of BKI Investment?

Overview of BKI Investment offerings
Investing in Australian and international securities: Invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian and international securities.
Managing its investment portfolio: Actively manages its investment portfolio to achieve its investment objectives.
Providing investment advice to its clients: Provides investment advice to its clients on a range of investment products and services.
Expanding its investment portfolio into new asset classes: Expanding its investment portfolio into new asset classes, such as private equity and infrastructure.
Developing new investment strategies: Developing new investment strategies to generate superior returns for its shareholders.
Reducing its carbon footprint: Reducing its carbon footprint by investing in sustainable and responsible companies.

Who is in the executive team of BKI Investment?

BKI Investment leadership team
  • Ms. Amanda  Wong CPA, L.L.B.
    Ms. Amanda Wong CPA, L.L.B.
    Company Secretary