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What does BioXcel Therapeutics do?
BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BTAI) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on harnessing artificial intelligence to advance the drug discovery and development process. The company's primary mission is to utilize its proprietary AI platform, which analyzes millions of data points to identify and develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of disorders in the fields of neuroscience and immuno-oncology. BioXcel Therapeutics is dedicated to addressing unmet medical needs, aiming to improve outcomes for patients through innovative therapies. Its projects include a diverse pipeline of drugs in various stages of development, targeting conditions such as acute treatment of agitation in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as advanced solid tumors. The company's strategic objectives include advancing its clinical programs to commercialization, expanding its drug pipeline, and establishing collaborations to leverage its AI platform's full potential in drug discovery and development.
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Health Care

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New Haven, United States

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What does BioXcel Therapeutics specialise in?
/AI-driven Innovations /Clinical-stage Biopharmaceuticals /Neuroscience Therapeutics /BXCL501 Project /BXCL701 Project /Digital Medicine

What are the products and/or services of BioXcel Therapeutics?

Overview of BioXcel Therapeutics offerings
BXCL501 - A proprietary, sublingual film of dexmedetomidine for the treatment of agitation associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders.
BXCL701 - An orally-available systemic innate immune activator for the treatment of aggressive forms of prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.
BXCL502 - A dexmedetomidine-based treatment targeting agitation in dementia patients.
BXCL503 - A therapy aimed at treating symptoms of delirium in ICU patients.
AI-driven drug discovery platform - Uses machine learning to identify and accelerate the development of neuroscience and immuno-oncology therapies.
BioXcel Analytics - A cloud-based platform designed to enhance clinical trial design and drug repurposing efforts.

Who is in the executive team of BioXcel Therapeutics?

BioXcel Therapeutics leadership team
  • Dr. Vimal D. Mehta Ph.D.
    Dr. Vimal D. Mehta Ph.D.
    Founder, CEO, President, & Director
  • Mr. Javier  Rodriguez
    Mr. Javier Rodriguez
    Senior VP, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew  Wiley
    Mr. Matthew Wiley
    Senior VP & Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mr. Richard I. Steinhart MBA
    Mr. Richard I. Steinhart MBA
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Dr. Frank D. Yocca Ph.D.
    Dr. Frank D. Yocca Ph.D.
    Senior VP & Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr. Vincent J. O'Neill B.Sc., M.D., M.R.C.P.
    Dr. Vincent J. O'Neill B.Sc., M.D., M.R.C.P.
    Executive VP and Chief of Product Development & Medical Officer
  • Dr. Chetan D. Lathia Ph.D.
    Dr. Chetan D. Lathia Ph.D.
    Senior VP and Head of Translational Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology & Regulatory Affairs
  • Dr. Robert  Risinger M.D.
    Dr. Robert Risinger M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer - Neuroscience