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BioLineRx (TLV:BLRX), (NASDAQ:BLRX) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on oncology. The company is dedicated to developing and commercializing a portfolio of products aimed at addressing unmet medical needs in the treatment of cancer. BioLineRx is engaged in advancing a range of therapies from pre-clinical development to advanced clinical trials. Among its key projects is the development of novel therapeutics that target tumor microenvironment and immune checkpoint pathways. The objective of BioLineRx is to improve the outcomes and lives of patients battling cancer by bringing innovative treatments from the laboratory to the clinic. Through strategic collaborations and rigorous research and development, BioLineRx strives to unlock new possibilities in cancer care.
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Health Care

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Jerusalem, Israel

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/Therapeutic Candidates /Clinical Development /Cancer Treatments /Immunological Disorders /Drug Discovery /Strategic Partnerships

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Overview of BioLineRx offerings
Motixafortide (BL-8040) is a novel CXCR4 antagonist for hematological malignancies, stem cell mobilization, and solid tumors.
AGI-134, a synthetic alpha-Gal immunotherapy for solid tumors, leveraging the body's immune system to target and destroy cancer cells.
BL-5010 is a non-surgical solution for the removal of skin lesions, offering a convenient alternative to traditional procedures.
BL-7040, an oral treatment aimed at inflammatory bowel disease, providing relief for patients with conditions like Crohn's disease.
BL-8020, an oral HCV treatment with a unique mechanism, aiming to inhibit HCV-induced autophagy in infected cells.
BL-1040, a device for the prevention of cardiac remodeling post-myocardial infarction, aiming to improve heart function and prognosis.

Who is in the executive team of BioLineRx?

BioLineRx leadership team
  • Mr. Philip A. Serlin CPA, M.B.A., CPA, MBA
    Mr. Philip A. Serlin CPA, M.B.A., CPA, MBA
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Mali  Zeevi CPA, CPA
    Ms. Mali Zeevi CPA, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Ella  Sorani Ph.D.
    Dr. Ella Sorani Ph.D.
    Chief Development Officer
  • Ms. Holly W. May M.B.A.
    Ms. Holly W. May M.B.A.
    President of BioLineRx USA
  • Mr. John  Lacey
    Mr. John Lacey
    Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
  • Ms. Tsipi  Keren-Lehrer B.Sc., L.L.B.
    Ms. Tsipi Keren-Lehrer B.Sc., L.L.B.
    Head of BD & Strategic Advisor
  • Mr. Raziel  Fried
    Mr. Raziel Fried
    Treasurer & Budgetary Control Director