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Biodexa Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BDRX) specializes in developing innovative drug therapies aimed at treating a wide range of diseases, with a strong emphasis on oncology, neurological disorders, and infectious diseases. The company's robust pipeline includes both early-stage experimental drugs and those in later stages of clinical trials, demonstrating a commitment to advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes. Biodexa Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology and research to hasten the delivery of new, effective treatments to the market. By focusing on unmet medical needs, the company aims to significantly impact global health outcomes. Biodexa Pharmaceuticals' projects span across various critical segments of healthcare, reflecting its objective to emerge as a pioneer in delivering transformative therapeutic solutions.
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Health Care

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

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/Pharmaceutical Products /Medical Research /Drug Development /Healthcare Services /Clinical Trials /Biotechnology Innovation

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Overview of Biodexa Pharmaceticals offerings
Development of an advanced oncology drug targeting non-small cell lung cancer, enhancing patient survival rates and quality of life.
Research and formulation of a novel antibiotic effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria, addressing the growing global antibiotic resistance crisis.
Production of high-quality, affordable insulin for diabetes patients, focusing on accessibility and reliability to manage this chronic condition efficiently.
Introduction of a new, innovative Alzheimer's treatment, aimed at slowing disease progression through targeting brain plaque accumulation.
Launch of a comprehensive cardiovascular health program, including medications and lifestyle guidance to prevent heart disease and improve patient outcomes.
Creation of a mobile application for personalized medication management, integrating reminders, health tracking, and pharmacist consultations to improve adherence and patient experience.

Who is in the executive team of Biodexa Pharmaceticals?

Biodexa Pharmaceticals leadership team
  • Mr. Stephen A. Stamp
    Mr. Stephen A. Stamp
    CEO, CFO, Company Secretary & Director
  • Dr. Dmitry  Zamoryakhin M.D.
    Dr. Dmitry Zamoryakhin M.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer & Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Daniel  Palmer MBA, Ph.D.
    Dr. Daniel Palmer MBA, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Technology
  • Ms. Nicola  Tuckwell
    Ms. Nicola Tuckwell
    VP & Head of Clinical Operations
  • Ms. Fiona  Sharp
    Ms. Fiona Sharp
    Group Financial Controller