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What does BG Staffing do?
BG Staffing (AMEX:BGSF) is a versatile player in the staffing and workforce solutions sector, catering to a broad array of industries including IT, accounting, finance, light industrial, and property management. This entity operates across the United States, providing temporary staffing services, professional placement, and workforce management solutions. Their projects are designed to meet the evolving needs of their clientele, aiming to offer flexible and efficient staffing solutions that align with the dynamic workforce landscape. BG Staffing's objective is to enrich client operations through innovative staffing strategies, ensuring quality placements that support business growth and operational efficiency. Through a commitment to excellence and a strategy focused on adapting to market changes, BG Staffing strives to remain a valuable partner to businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of staffing and human resource management.
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Plano, United States

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What does BG Staffing specialise in?
/Staffing Services /Temporary Staffing /Professional Recruitment /IT Staffing /Property Management Staffing /Finance Accounting Staffing

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Overview of BG Staffing offerings
Professional Staffing offers specialized staffing solutions in fields like IT, finance, accounting, and project management to provide skilled professionals for various industries.
Multifamily Housing Staffing delivers tailored staffing services to the property management sector, focusing on positions ranging from leasing agents to maintenance technicians.
Commercial Staffing caters to a broad range of clients requiring administrative, light industrial, and clerical personnel to meet their varying operational needs.
Governmental Staffing solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of public sector organizations, ensuring they find the right candidates for their unique administrative and operational roles.
Workforce Management Solutions provide comprehensive services for managing contingent staffing needs, including recruitment process outsourcing and managed service provider offerings.
Direct Hire Services assist companies in finding and securing permanent employees across various sectors, enhancing the efficiency of their permanent recruitment processes.

Who is in the executive team of BG Staffing?

BG Staffing leadership team
  • Ms. Beth A. Garvey
    Ms. Beth A. Garvey
    President, CEO & Chairwoman
  • Mr. Dan  Hollenbach
    Mr. Dan Hollenbach
    Senior Advisor
  • Mr. John Richard Barnett
    Mr. John Richard Barnett
    CFO & Secretary
  • Ms. Nicole  Rosen
    Ms. Nicole Rosen
    Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Emily  Burroughs
    Ms. Emily Burroughs
    Vice President of Communications & Culture
  • Ms. Janel  Hunt
    Ms. Janel Hunt
    Executive Vice President of Human Resources
  • Mr. Eric  Peters
    Mr. Eric Peters
    President of Professional Division
  • Mr. Christopher  Loope
    Mr. Christopher Loope
    Chief Strategy Officer