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Besra Gold (ASX:BEZ) is a gold exploration company focused on developing its Bau gold project in East Malaysia. The project has a JORC 2012 Resource of 72.6 Mt at 1.43 g/t Au for 3.3 million ounces of gold as well as an Exploration Target ranging between 4.9 and 9.3 Moz (1) (on a 100% basis). Besra is also exploring other gold projects in East Malaysia and has a track record of discovery.
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Toronto, Canada

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/Gold /Exploration /Malaysia /Resources /Mining

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Bau Goldfield in East Malaysia: has a rich century-long history of successful gold mining, showcasing geological similarities to Nevada's Carlin Trend, which supported giants like Newmont and Barrick.
Bau Project (Malaysia): Besra's flagship gold asset. The stage 1 feasibility study released in January 2014 has guided critical planning for the future strategy of Bau, including resource delineation, metallurgical and processing studies, feasibility upgrades, and regulatory compliance management post-listing.

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Besra Gold leadership team
  • Dr. Raymond Douglas Shaw B.Sc. (HONS), DIP LAW (SAB), MAUSIMM
    Dr. Raymond Douglas Shaw B.Sc. (HONS), DIP LAW (SAB), MAUSIMM
    Chief Technical Officer & COO
  • Mr. Soon Lim  Khong
    Mr. Soon Lim Khong
    Executive Chairman
  • Peter  Holland
    Peter Holland
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Meghan  Lewis
    Meghan Lewis
    Head of Corporate Development
  • Mr. Rodney H. Murfit AIMM, BSc(Geol)
    Mr. Rodney H. Murfit AIMM, BSc(Geol)
    Exploration Consultant
  • Mr. Michael  Higginson
    Mr. Michael Higginson
    Company Secretary