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Bellavista Resources (ASX:BVR) explores for sedimentary-style base metals and battery minerals in Western Australia's Upper Gascoyne region. Its key project, the Edmund Basin Projects, covers approximately 100km of strike along the northern margin of this prospective basin. Within this area lie several deposits, including the Brumby Deposit (zinc, copper, silver), Vernon Base Metals (zinc, lead, silver), Vernon Nickel-PGE (nickel, platinum-group elements), and Gorge Creek (uranium).
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Perth, Australia

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/Western Australia /Mining /Resources /Base metals /Battery metals /Lithium /PGE /Nickel

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Overview of Bellavista Resources offerings
Edmund Basin Project area (covering ~100km of strike) for various mineral occurrences. Within this larger project area, they identify and explore specific zones with potential for different commodities.
Brumby Deposit: This deposit is prospective for zinc, copper, and silver, with potential for a SEDEX-style mineralization system. Exploration activities include drilling and resource definition studies.
Vernon Base Metals: This area encompasses multiple prospects prospective for zinc, lead, and silver. Exploration activities focus on identifying and assessing potential mineralized zones.
Vernon Nickel-PGE: This area is prospective for nickel and platinum-group elements (PGE), potentially associated with mafic-ultramafic intrusions. Exploration activities are ongoing to define the extent and potential of this mineralization.
Gorge Creek: This prospect is prospective for uranium. Exploration activities are currently limited, but potential exists for further investigation.
Additional exploration targets: Bellavista also holds exploration licenses within the Edmund Basin Project area targeting various other potential mineral deposits, but they haven't been named or specifically defined yet.

Who is in the executive team of Bellavista Resources?

Bellavista Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Carl Domenic Travaglini C.A., C.S.
    Mr. Carl Domenic Travaglini C.A., C.S.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael Hood Wilson B.Sc., BEC
    Mr. Michael Hood Wilson B.Sc., BEC
    Executive Director
  • Ms. Natalia  Brunacci
    Ms. Natalia Brunacci
    Exploration Manager
  • Ms. Maddison  Cramer
    Ms. Maddison Cramer
    Joint Company Secretary
  • Ms. Nicolle  Fleming
    Ms. Nicolle Fleming
    Joint Company Secretary