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What does Bell Financial do?
Bell Financial (ASX:BFG) is an Australian financial services company that provides a range of products and services to retail and institutional clients, including stockbroking, financial planning, investment research, corporate finance, wealth management, and institutional broking. The company's operations are focused on providing its clients with comprehensive and innovative financial solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. Bell Financial has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are committed to providing its clients with the highest level of service and support.
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Where is the head office for Bell Financial ?

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Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Bell Financial founded?

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What does Bell Financial specialise in?
/Investment /Fund /Managed fund /Wealth /Financials

What are the products and/or services of Bell Financial ?

Overview of Bell Financial offerings
Stockbroking: Bell Financial offers stockbroking services to retail and institutional clients, allowing them to buy and sell shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
Financial planning: Bell Financial offers financial planning services to help clients achieve their financial goals, such as retirement planning, wealth creation, and tax planning.
Investment research: Bell Financial produces investment research reports on ASX-listed companies, which help clients make informed investment decisions.
Corporate finance: Bell Financial provides corporate finance services to businesses, such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings, and IPOs.
Wealth management: Bell Financial offers wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and families, helping them to manage their wealth and achieve their financial goals.
Institutional broking: Bell Financial provides institutional broking services to institutional investors, such as hedge funds, pension funds, and asset managers.

Who is in the executive team of Bell Financial ?

Bell Financial leadership team
  • Mr. Dean Andrew Davenport B. Bus., CA
    Mr. Dean Andrew Davenport B. Bus., CA
    Co-CEO & Acting CFO
  • Mr. Arnie  Selvarajah
    Mr. Arnie Selvarajah
    Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Joe  Tillig
    Mr. Joe Tillig
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Ms. Cindy-Jane  Lee BEc, GAICD, L.L.B.
    Ms. Cindy-Jane Lee BEc, GAICD, L.L.B.
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Brendan  Goff
    Mr. Brendan Goff
    Group Head of Compliance
  • Mr. Craig  Saunders
    Mr. Craig Saunders
    Group Head of Sales
  • Mr. Dean  Surkitt
    Mr. Dean Surkitt
    Managing Director of Retail of Bell Potter Securities Ltd
  • Mr. James  Unger
    Mr. James Unger
    Head of Corporate Finance of Bell Potter Securities Ltd