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Beacon Minerals (ASX:BCN) is an Australian exploration and development company focused on the development of its gold projects in Western Australia. Beacon Minerals operates two projects located in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The Jaurdi Gold Project is situated 35km North West of the historical mining town of Coolgardie and the MacPhersons Project is situated 5km south of Coolgardie. The Jaurdi Gold Project is comprised of the Jaurdi Processing Plant and Lost Dog open pit. Other historic open pits at Panther and Black Cat are also situated within the project along with several exploration prospects. The MacPhersons Project comprises two resources at MacPhersons Reward and Tycho along with several small historic underground mines and exploration prospects.
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Kalgoorlie, Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Resources /Western Australia /Explorer /Precious metals

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Overview of Beacon Minerals offerings
Jaurdi Gold Project: Located 35km northwest of Coolgardie, Western Australia.
Jaurdi Processing Plant: Processes gold ore from the Lost Dog open pit and historical pits like Panther and Black Cat.
Lost Dog Open Pit: Currently the main source of ore for the processing plant.
MacPhersons Project: Located 5km south of Coolgardie, Western Australia.
MacPhersons Reward and Tycho Resources: Open pit reserves ready for mining.

Who is in the executive team of Beacon Minerals?

Beacon Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Graham  McGarry CPA, CD, CPA
    Mr. Graham McGarry CPA, CD, CPA
    Executive Chairman & MD
  • Ms. Sarah  Shipway B.Com., BCom., C.A., CA
    Ms. Sarah Shipway B.Com., BCom., C.A., CA
    Company Secretary & Non-Executive Director